The Perfect Ring

Are you about to pop the question or maybe you are just thinking about it. Here are a few helpful tips when picking out the perfect engagement ring.

Shape: The shape is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the ring. If you are not sure what rings to choose, look at her other jewelry. That can give you a pretty good idea as to what she likes.

  1. Round: Popular, simple, can’t go wrong. More than 75% of diamonds that are sold are round.
  2. Emerald: rectangular shaped.
  3. Asscher: Has many facets, bringing brilliance to the ring.
  4. Princess: Square shaped, which adds sparkle to the diamond.
  5. Cushion: Antique-look, has rounded corners.
  6. Pear: Known as the Jessica Simpson look. Similar to the round cut, but is cut slightly pear-shaped just enough to be different.
  7. Oval: Again similar to the round cut diamond, but more elegant.
  8. Marquise: Cut like an oval, but has sharper ends. Can appear larger than it is due to the cut.

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