Planning A Beach Wedding Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Beach Wedding Series.  So far, we have discussed key things... 

Planning A Beach Wedding Part 2

You are planning a beach wedding.  Congratulations!   In the previous post, we... 

Planning A Beach Wedding Planning A Beach Wedding

He proposed!  The ring is on your finger, your mom used up an entire box of tissue... 

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Our Favorite Wedding Gown Designers

When it comes to your wedding dress you want what every woman wants, the perfect... 

Wedding Apparel: Dress Code for Guests

Not sure what to wear to a wedding? Let us help! Semi-Formal: Men wear a suit and... 

Wedding Shoes 101

When choosing your wedding shoes there may be a few things you would like to keep... 

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Wedding Cake Flavors Wedding Cake Flavors

Choosing your wedding cake flavors, toppings, and decorations can be a challenge. Below are some common and favorite cake fillings and icings. Fillings Icings Cream Buttercream Lemon Fondant Buttercream Royal Icing Strawberry Chocolate Cream Cheese Whipped Cream Chocolate Marzipan  Read More →

Wedding Cupcakes Wedding Cupcakes

You don’t always have to have a cake at a wedding. Now a days, brides are using decorative cupcakes in place of a cake. They are cost effective, loved by all, there is no cake cutting, and easy to disperse. The best part about cupcakes is the decorating. There are so many ways one cupcake can be created. Besides the beauty and the uniqueness... [Read more of this review]

Square or Round Cake Tiers? Square or Round Cake Tiers?

Most cakes tend to have several layers or tiers. However, the bride and groom must decide if they would like round tiers or square tiers or maybe a combination of both. Here are some creative photos of cakes with unique designs to fit anyones taste. Some like their cake with flower decor and others would rather have fruit. Either way the ideas for... [Read more of this review]

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The Lean Body Bride Review — the Pros and Cons

What is the Lean Body Bride Program As any bride will tell you, the big day is all about the dress… right!  And with all the  distractions and stress associated with organizing your perfect wedding day, you sometimes forget about focusing on your own health and fitness. This is a summary review of the Lean Body Bride Program which is a focused... [Read more of this review]

Creating A Wedding Menu

Weddings are all about you, the bride: true of false?  Well, it’s actually a gray area!  Yes, it’s your special day but the needs of your guests, friends, and family must also be considered.  This is especially true of your reception menu. It is virtually impossible for you to know the tastes and desires of all of your guests so you need to stick... [Read more of this review]

Weddings & Family Feuds

Planning a wedding should be a time filled with joy and the promise of a bright, loving future together.  Unfortunately this is also a time when old family feuds come to a head.  The invitations you give out or deny can shape how family members treat you for years to come.  What is a bride to do?  Who gets the invitation and who gets cut?  If this... [Read more of this review]

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