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The Lean Body Bride Review — the Pros and Cons

What is the Lean Body Bride Program
As any bride will tell you, the big day is all about the dress… right!  And with all the  distractions and stress associated with organizing your perfect wedding day, you sometimes forget about focusing on your own health and fitness.

This is a summary review of the Lean Body Bride Program which is a focused Home Pre-Wedding Workout And Diet Plan designed to get you results in as little time as possible. It provides you with resources that take you through 8 weeks of workouts and meal planning, and almost every bride sees results in the first few weeks!

This wedding weight loss formula is not like the other plans out there… because based on the positive testimonials and results… it does work!  If you are a busy bride-to-be feeling the time crunch to fit into your perfect dress, you can’t afford to pass up on this plan!

If you are frustrated at your lack of weight loss success in the past, this program is designed for maximum fat burn with surprisingly little workout time. With the right information and motivation, nothing can hold you back from looking amazing for your wedding in just 8 short weeks!

What do you get:

  • Wedding Workout Plan Complete 8 Week Home Workout Plan
  • Comprehensive Eating Plan
  • Instructional Videos For Each Workout
  • Lifetime Access To Membership Site
  • Personal Email Coaching!

Included are the exact workouts and diet plans that have helped hundreds of brides look amazing and feel confident on their wedding day. With this program, you can start burning fat and toning up in a matter of days!

And for the action takers, you will also receive Two Free Bonus Resources!

  • Bonus #1 – Bridal Body Abs
  • Bonus #2 – Recipes For A Bridal Body

The Lean Body Bride Program is changing wedding weight loss by getting rid of any obstacle standing between you and a thin, toned wedding body.


  • This program is focused on the bride-to-be, with the exact workouts and diet plans that have helped hundreds of brides look amazing and feel confident on their wedding day.
  • You will have resources that take you through 8 weeks of workouts and meal planning, and almost every bride sees results in the first few weeks!
  • The Lean Body Bride Program provides the exact blueprint to quick and healthy wedding weight loss!
  • If you’re motivated to fit into a your wedding dress on the big day, and look and feel the best you can be… this program can guide and help you get the lean wedding body you really want!


  • It comes down to you. Do you have the motivation to fit into that dress?
  • In your busy schedule you need to make time for you… and use the program to assist in getting rid of any obstacle standing between you and a thin, toned wedding body.
  • You need to do something every day, stay focused and be consistent. You need to follow the simple and effective plan so as to achieve you desired results… and even exceed your own expectations!
  • With all the stress of planning for you big day, you forget to watch your diet and calorie intake.  You need to focus on your health and diet, and use the program as your guide.  (and breathe!)

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Creating A Wedding Menu

Weddings are all about you, the bride: true of false?  Well, it’s actually a gray area!  Yes, it’s your special day but the needs of your guests, friends, and family must also be considered.  This is especially true of your reception menu.

It is virtually impossible for you to know the tastes and desires of all of your guests so you need to stick with some general rules.

Rule Number 1: Well known allergens should not be on the menu.  Sorry, but a menu that includes Peanut Satay Sauce over various types of shellfish boiled in cows milk just isn’t going to work – and not just because that’s an awful combination.  Nuts, shellfish and dairy are the top three things to look out for.  If you want those items on the menu, regulate them to a side dish and make sure they are clearly marked with allergy alerts.  Nothing spoils a wedding faster than a guest collapsing with anaphylactic shock and having to be rushed to the hospital.

Rule Number 2: Consider the vegetarians.  They are out there and they are becoming more and more popular.  One of your main dishes or a couple substantial side dishes should be meat free.  Not only is this considerate for your meat-free guests, it also helps those actively pursing a lighter-eating lifestyle.  Your thoughtfulness in this area will be greatly appreciated by the group that usually winds up feasting on nothing but salad at social events.

Rule Number 3:  Caviar is a matter of taste.  Sure, it’s fun to show off with a lavish dinner.  However, when it comes to things like caviar and other wildly expensive imported delicacies, you may find it cheaper in the long run to wad up your money and toss it out the window.  Not everyone enjoys the lavish life of delicate foods; most of it may wind up going to waste.  If a mind-blowing spread is what you are after, you can do that with dishes most people will enjoy and save money instead of dispensing cash on dishes that only a few will truly appreciate.

Rule Number 4:  There are not enough napkins in the world to justify serving lobster.  Okay, it can be done, but remember you and your guests are in their best clothes here.  Saucy, soupy, drippy, and anything that requires manual dexterity to break into and eat are probably not the best ideas – unless you are planning to spring for the dry cleaning bills.

A big part of the wedding is the feast, so it’s only right that both you and your guests enjoy it.  Your menu should reflect your taste, wedding theme, and personal style.  It should also have a little something for everyone that said yes on the invitation.


Weddings & Family Feuds

Planning a wedding should be a time filled with joy and the promise of a bright, loving future together.  Unfortunately this is also a time when old family feuds come to a head.  The invitations you give out or deny can shape how family members treat you for years to come.  What is a bride to do?  Who gets the invitation and who gets cut? 

If this is a feud that has nothing to do with you, try not to take it personally and by all means, avoid being Dr. Fix It!  Feuds need to be settled by those involved in them.  Trying to patch two people up when you do not have a vested stake in the argument is never a good idea.  Wedding planning is emotional and draining at the best of times; try not to get caught up in the drama of others. 

 If there is someone you really want to invite and the feud is over something trivial such as an insult over a dress or unreturned soup ladle, be assertive.  You do not have to invite or cut anyone just because someone says so.  An appropriate response to Aunt Mary’s biting remark, “I hope you are not planning to invite Uncle Marty.  He never did apologize for scratching my car” would be to say, “Both you and Uncle Marty mean a lot to me and since I want everyone I care about to be with me on my wedding day, I will be sending an invitation to both of you.”  Then dole out the invitations to both parties and let them decide if they will show or not. You may be setting off another family feud by being firm on your guest list, but those that choose to drag out small arguments for years have much deeper issues than who shows up at your wedding.

What if you are part of the feud?  If you are fighting with someone and are ready to negotiate a truce, sending an invitation (plus a quick note expressing your desire to be on friendly terms again) is a wonderful way to initiate a resolution.  If your feelings are so strong, however, that you never wish to set eyes on him or her again, spare yourself the emotional turmoil and don’t send an invitation. 

However, not all feuds are trivial.  Some are very serious and should result in the offender not receiving an invitation.   If the potential invitee is a person that has done you or another family member physical or emotional harm to the point where contact with him or her would be damaging, you need to leave this person off your list.  You are not obligated to invite someone that is dangerous or would cause discomfort to other guest(s).  If this person is someone you are close to but is dangerous to someone else you want to invite, you need to decide between them.  Some actions need no explanations.  If someone assaulted you or another family member, they should not expect an invitation or explanation.  However, if you feel you are being hurtful to the uninvited guest and the nature of your relationship with them is good, you should explain why they are were left off the guest list.  This should be done in person.  Do not rely on the grapevine to get word across – as that will only breed more resentment and hard feelings. 

Sometimes there is nothing you can do when people disagree and while that can put stress on your wedding planning, remember that it is a day of celebration.  Perhaps not everyone can celebrate it with you, but your true friends will be there physically or in spirit to wish you well.

How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

On the surface, it looks so easy.  Your wedding color is typically your favourite color.  If only it was that simple.  If you have ever painted a room, or tried to match two shades of fabric, you know that white actually comes in about 20 different shades (white, off white, eggshell, cream…) and each retailer has a different interpretation of it.  What is white at one store may be cream at another. 

If the color is a very big deal for you, spare yourself the frustration of driving all over town with a fabric swatch in your purse and find an all inclusive wedding store.  These types of stores typically have suppliers that have their own color schemes for wedding items.  Not only will you save time and money, you will also be able to perfectly match your dinner napkins to your cocktail ones.  

If the color is a breaking point for you, be prepared to have several different shades.  This effect, when properly done, is actually quite pretty.  You may have dark purple accent flowers on the slip covered chairs, light purple flowers in the table centerpiece and a pale purple appetizer plates.  It’s still purple, but varied.

 It is perfectly acceptable to uses several shades of a single color.  However, if you are using two or more colors, be very careful.  Yellow and red, while festive, are also typical colors for a hot dog stand.  Unless you and your fiancé are baseball fans with a sports themed wedding, you may want to rethink that one.  Pink and red tend to clash.  It can be done, but if not reigned in will resemble a Valentine’s Day party.  Well, if you are getting married on February 14, I guess that is not an issue! 

Give special consideration to the groom.  Pink may be your favorite color but if you expect him to wear a pink cummerbund and pocket square, you may want to discuss that with him first.  He may not be as enthusiastic about it as you are.

 Also consider your bridesmaids.  While you are free to pick whatever color you want their dress to be, you will be taking photos with these ladies that will serve as a lifetime reminder of your wedding day.  Choose photogenic colors that look good on a variety of skin tones.  A delicate pale yellow in outdoor photos may look washed out as well as making very fair skinned ladies look pasty.  

Above all, don’t get too hung up one particular color.  There are endless shades for you to choose from.  You don’t want to remember your wedding day as the day you were so sad because the mint green napkin rings didn’t match the spring green bows on the candles.

How To Pick A Wedding Song

You hear it on the radio and you tear up a little.  It has the number one spot on your Ipod.  You find yourself humming it as you do chores around the house and if you are going to belt out a tune in the shower, it is the one on your lips.  What is this masterpiece of music that you cannot get out of your head?  It is your wedding song!  Like your dress, venue, and vows, your wedding song is one of the most memorable parts of the occasion.  So just how do you go about choosing the song for your first dance (or in some cases, the song sung during your wedding ceremony)?

Well, it can be very simple.  If you and your fiancé have a love song that means a lot to you, then presto! You have a wedding song.  Please note that I said love song.  As we recently saw on an episode of Fox’s Glee, the Thong Song doesn’t count.

What if, however, you and your intended are not one of those couples that go, “awwwww, they are playing our song!” when a tune comes on the radio?  In that case, you need to consider the following:

  1. Is this wedding song going to be sung in a church or used at the reception for your first dance?  Not all churches allow secular music in the sanctuary so be sure to check with your official ahead of time.  If it is going to be played at the reception, can you dance to it?  Make sure you give it a try first and sign up for dance lessons if you need to.  Good friends of mine, for example, choose the rollicking tune, “Let the Good Times Roll” for their first dance and stunned us all with a wild choreographed swing routine – which leads us the second point…
  2. Does the song fit your personalities? My aforementioned friends both loved to swing dance and were easy going, laid back people who viewed their upcoming life together as a fun adventure.  Hence, Let the Good Times Roll, while not a traditional wedding song, was perfect for them.  You and your partner may need to compromise a bit here.  If he’s into old school hip hop and likes Baby Got Back (refer to Thong Song comments, please!) but she’s a romantic and wants to waltz around the floor to Everything I Do, I Do It For You, she’s not going to have fond memories of doing a rump shaking routine no matter how bootylicious she is.  Choose a song that appeals to both of you.  And speaking of appealing…
  3. Is your song offensive to others?  Yes, it is your wedding, but you do need to consider the feelings of your guests.  If your recently divorced best friend is your maid of honor, choosing her wedding song as your own is not going to go over well.  The same goes for songs with questionable lyrics and offensive language.  For example, I Wanna Sex You Up is a lovely and yes, even romantic song under some circumstances, but you do not want your mother-in-law blushing and your father trying to crawl under the table as you and your new spouse grind on the dance floor.  Keep it family friendly!

You have millions of songs at your disposal.  Whether you want some thing fun or flirty, romantic or reminiscent, there is a song out there that you and the one you love will agree on.  So, go ahead and choose one that as Bon Jovi so eloquently sings it, will Make a Memory.  (Hey, Make a Memory! That’s a good wedding song too!)

Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to make sure your flowers are perfect, your bridesmaids are there, and your entire day goes as planned. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a smooth reception and a great time!

1. Choose a theme: keeps things consistent and organized

2. Have centerpieces

3. Set the mood: use candles

4. Send save-the-dates

5. Create/Brainstorm guest list in advance

6. Create affordable edible favors

7. Have something to do for the little one (coloring books, small toys, tec.)

8. Thank guest at the reception

9. Limit entrees to two choices

10. Have soft music playing during dinner

11. Have a schedule

12. Give each bridesmaid her duty ahead of time

13. Be on time

14. Plan ahead

15. Have beackup vendors just in case

Tipping Vendors

So who do you tip? How much do you give? Believe it or not some wedding vendors will be expecting a tip whether you’ve thought of it or not. Some vendors include the fees and gratuity when handing you the bill, however, other vendors leave it up to you. Most tips, assuming the service is good, will expect anywhere from 10%-20%. Here is a list of vendors that will be expecting a tip.

*The Officiant

*Catering Staff (if it was not included in the bill)


*Hair Stylist

*Delivery Men & Women


Unique Seating Cards

Need some ideas for seating cards? Here are a few great ideas that will wow your guests. Here are my top ten favorite seating card ideas.

1. Hanging Seat Cards: These unique cards are hing from the chair.

2. Shell Seating Cards: Having a beach wedding? Then these seating cards are for you.

3. Letterpress Cards: Cute, elegant, and embossed.

4. Wreath Display: Have your guests grab their cards from a beautiful wreath as they enter the reception.

5. Drawn Diagram: Guest won’t be confused on where to sit because there is a drawn digram.

6. Anchored Seating Cards: If you are having an outdoor wedding these are ideal. These unique favors will not be blown away with the wind.

7. Butterfly Seating Cards: Beautiful and graceful, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

8. Wrapped Paper Boxes: It’s a favor and seating card in one!

9. Watercolor Place Cards: These cards have a hint of color and go well with the floral arrangements.

10. On the Rocks: Add a little nature with some rocks. These small rocks will hold down the seating cards.

Everything to Know About Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful flower, no doubt, but do you know all you need to about the beloved flower? They are a flower grown from a bulb. There are about 110 species of the lily family. The large flower has six petals and is very fragrant. They range in an assortment of colors from whites to reds to purples. These flowers are usually frown in the sub-tropic regions.

In China, the lily is eaten as a edible root vegetable and eaten mainly in the summer months. The lily although eaten in China, can be very toxic to cats.

Lily is also a sign of purity and is widely used at Eater time. It’s essential oils are used in perfumes and in other products.

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