Romantic Weddings

Romantic weddings have a lot to do with color, setting, and time. What will it take to make “your” wedding romantic? Each person has a different perspective of what romance looks like. Is it candles and subtle lighting? Is it roses and petals? Is it outside on the beach at sunset? Jot down your ideas and collect pictures to offer your vendors. You want to portray your image as clearly as possible. If you are going the romantic route, be sure and have specific lighting in mind. Lighting has a lot to do with the mood. Music will also set the mood for a romantic feel. Brainstorm your idea of the perfect romantic setting. Once you think you know what you’d like to have, sit down with your vendors and give them a detailed image of what you expect.

When I think of romantic, I think outdoors, flowers, yellows and whites, nature-like atmosphere. However, another person may have an entirely different image. Check out a great article listed on The Knot about a romantic affair.

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