Prom: A High School Girl’s Wedding

Many comparisons can be made between a wedding and high school prom. Just as a girl grows up hoping to marry prince charming, she also is wishing to be asked to prom by a handsome man.

Women look forward to both events their entire lives. Hours (if not days/weeks) of planning and preparation are needed for the perfect night. But when it’s all said and done… a woman’s wedding (or prom in this case) isn’t perfect unless you have the right dress. You can have the best man by your side or the best hair in the room… but if you don’t feel like a princess in your dress nothing will feel right.

One of the first thing a woman will do once she’s engaged is shop for a wedding dress. The same can be said for a high school senior after she’s just asked to the big dance. Girls love shopping for prom gowns as much as a bride loves shopping for her wedding gown. They bring friends along, take pictures, and visit as many stores as they can.

Do you remember your high school prom? Did you have the perfect dress that night? The type of dress that made everyone in the room stop dancing and look with awe at you?


One Response to “Prom: A High School Girl’s Wedding”
  1. Jessica says:

    I loved the prom dresses I found at Elegant Mart. I love shopping for dresses and I’m definitely going to go back to them for events I have coming up this summer.

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