How to Pack for the Honeymoon

Not sure what to wear on your honeymoon… so you pack everything, pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets you know just in case it get’s down to 30 degrees in the Bahamas. Sound like you? No matter where you’re going you want to bring the essential items for your trip. Each destination has a different dress code. Many women tend to “over pack.” A simple checklist of the items needed will help ensure you don’t over pack or under pack. One tip I love to give is leave a little bit of room in your suitcase when going on your trip. Chances are you will be buying a souvenir or two. We don’t always think about that when packing our suitcase. Below is a checklist you may need when packing for trips. The Knot has a great printable checklist for any trip. Martha Stewart has great information about planning for your honeymoon. It discusses budget, researching, what to do before leaving the house, and more. Check out these worthy sites for more helpful information on honeymoons!

The Knot Honeymoon Checklist

Martha Stewart


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