Did Someone Say Music?

You have chosen the band or dj for your big day, but what songs should he/she play? Well you  need to take a few things into consideration. For instance, the age variations attending your wedding. Surely, you do not want rap music when 75% of your guests are over the age of 40. That probably won’t appeal to them. So here is a few tips to ensure you have a great music list to provide  your entertainment vendor.

Tip 1: Consider the type of music being played at your wedding. If you have a mix of age groups then be sure and provide a mix of music.

Tip 2: Listen to the songs or artists you have never heard of. You  may think the song  is a great piece for the dinner portion of the reception and then you find out maybe it wasn’t.

Tip 3: Provide the entertainment crew with a “Do Not Play List.” You don’t want them playing Macarena, but if you do not inform them then they may decide to play that popular hit.

Tip 4: This is not so much aimed for DJ’s because they usually have a required attire, but if you hire a band be sure and ask them what they plan on wearing. Your little diva may have a set of lungs on her, but she may not dress to impress.

Tip 5: Occasionally, your band or dj may not have your first dance song on hand or your father-daughter dance, etc. If they ask you to bring in a pre-recorded CD be sure it works and it does not skip. I know someone who had a CD that skipped at her wedding. Needless to say, she was not a happy bride.

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