5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with our pre-wedding essentials. We can become discouraged and often think we want one thing and then change our mind the next. Well when choosing your wedding gown, you want it to be perfect, no second guessing, and no mistake about it. Most women describe their wedding dress experiences in one simple phrase “I knew it was the one as soon as I put it on.” These five tips will ensure you will have an easier time choosing that perfect dress.

1. Bring a friend on your shopping adventure! A good friend is one who you can trust, they will be honest and tell you the dresses flaws or hidden features you may not have noticed.

2. Bring a camera! Take pictures of the dresses you “really” like. Later on you can look back at them and decide if it was a good or bad choice.

3. Shop around! My best friend found her perfect dress in Miami, Florida. Later on when it was my turn to find my wedding gown, she found her exact gown in her hometown city for $300 less.

4. Set a budget before you go shopping for your gown. You don’t want to find a dress, fall madly in love with it, look at the price tag and find it is $3000 over budget.

5. Order your gown at least 6 months in advance. Most of the time it takes a couple months for the dress to be made and shipped (a lot of the better quality gowns are made in Europe). Then you have to leave time for your dress fittings. Most brides have at least 2-3 dress fittings.


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  1. Great wedding dress shopping tips! Another tip brides have found helpful is… is to limit the number of gowns they try on, to no more than 3 or 4 gowns on each shopping trip. To go beyond that number, some brides have mentioned that you begin to forget what previous gowns look like and you also can become tired out.

    So for each store and each shopping trip… try on only a few gowns. Makes notes on them and take pictures as mentioned before. By doing this your wedding dress shopping experience will be delightful and not frustrating.

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