Wedding Dresses Long Ago

It’s hard to believe how weddings and bride’s have evolved over time. Years ago women left nothing to be revealed. Veils and dresses covered the bride from head to toe. Centuries later women show more skin in their wedding gowns. Prices have also gone up significantly through the years. How is it that so much has changed over time? It seems to me wedding dresses get bigger, longer, and pricier. My mother-in-law told me that she did not have much money for a wedding dress and so when it came time for her to purchase her dress she went to a small store. Her dress was simple and white, just reaching the floor and cost her a whopping $40. My mother purchased her wedding gown from a JCPenny catalog in 1984 for $350. Why is it that we are so willing to pay any price for that perfect dress? The answer is simple, we want to look our best. Just some food for thought as you are out shopping for your wedding dress.

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