Wedding Cake Inspiration

Need some wedding cake inspiration? These cakes can give you some ideas for your own wedding cake. The white cake (great for weddings all year round) has four tiers and a lot of detail. The orange cake is a great color for a fall wedding. The cake has three tiers and is decorated with several different kinds of petite flowers. If you are on a budget, minimize the detailing on your cake. The more detail that is involved the higher the price tag will be. Buying a beautiful cake stand can really dress up the cake. You can even purchase a package of flowers from your local florist or supermarket and add the flowers on your own. This will cut some of the cost of your cake as well. I had was determined to spend no more than $350-$400 on my wedding cake and I was able to do it. How you ask? I had my local supermarket create the cake for me. I brought in my inspiration (a picture I cut out from a magazine). It looked great and tasted even better! Check out my cake below.

Need more inspiration? You can visit Enchanted Wedding Cakes or visit Pink Cake Box for more great ideas.

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