Top Five Gyms

If you want to get in shape for your wedding here is one way to do it. Go to the gym! Now all gyms are offering so many great deals. First month free, coupons, free day care, and all gyms usually offer a free trial (usually 2-3 days). If you join larger gyms they can offer classes for free, as well as advice. Many gyms have pools, classes, weight rooms, cardio, showers, steam rooms, and much more. There is no reason not to join. Here is a list of the top five gyms, in my opinion of course. They have great deals, freebies, or have a great deal of amenities.

1. Bally Total Fitness: Why are they so cool? Their monthly rate is only $24.99 (no enrollment fee) and if you travel a lot, they offer plans. If you are one side of town and can’t make it to your local Bally they charge you $3.00 more and then you can go to any Bally. If you travel state to state a lot, you can get a Nationwide pass for only $29.99 a month. That’s not a bad deal if you ask me. They also let you try them free for seven days!

2. Curves: A gym just for women in case your are subconscious or just don’t like working out with sweaty men. They offer weight management plans, success tracker (where you can login and keep track of your progress), and advice from trainers. Another great perk, there are many of them all over the U.S.

3. Planet Fitness: Offered in 32 states acorss the nation this gym. They are also one of the most inexpensive gyms out there. There average price is $99 for a year long pass. That is only $8.25 a month. Now you can beat that and there is absolutely no excuse to say you cannot afford the gym. Everyone has $8 a month to spare.

4. Powerhouse Gym: Powerhouse gym has been around for 30 years so you know they are trustworthy and experienced. They offer free trials and have many locations.

5. Gold’s Gym: Offers a seven day trial. Gold’s Gym also has many locations nationwide. They are working with other companies to offer discounts, such as a 25% discount off and a discount to AARP members. You can also track your progress using facebook.

Of course you can always join the local YMCA as well. It may become hectic at times because it’s a family involved atmosphere, but they have a lot of amenities.

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