The Best Wedding Registries


We all know before the big day you choose a couple of wedding registries for shower gifts as well as wedding gifts. But who do you choose? Why? What do they have to offer? Below are five great registries and some not so great registries. Check them out before you choose. You may be surprised to find some companies and stores will exceed your expectations and some may not.

Top Five Wedding Registries

1. Pottery Barn: Why you ask? They provide you with registry cards to enclose in shower invitations, sent to your house for free! Or you can download them, personalize them and print them. They provide a guide of things you may need for you and your new hubby.You can download a free printable checklist of the items you may want to registry or may not be thinking about. Gifts are very easy to return, even if your guest has not given you a gift receipt. Receive 10% off of all items left on your registry (wait until the end because they will only give you the 10% once). Need we say more?

2. Williams-Sonoma: When you register for specific itemsĀ  or with certain vendors, you can receive free offers. If you register with them they offer free technique classes, product demonstrations, cooking classes, and book signings. Okay that last one was cool in itself. Williams-Sonoma now has Williams-Sonoma Home. Now you can find something for every room and not just your kitchen!

3. Bed Bath & Beyond: Their return policy is a breeze. You can create your very own personal wedding website. The website allows you to plan, budget, and create seating arrangements with ease. Their website is also very user friendly for guests and yourself.

4. Crate & Barrel: Offer wedding parties at many locations so that you can try new products, enjoy food, music, and have the opportunity to have experts answer questions and help you register. They have an online guide book as well as a flip-book (idea book) of objects to register for.

5. Macy’s: They have a registry reward system where you can get 5%-10% in rewards. You get 10% in rewards when you use your Macy’s card and 5% in rewards when guests purchase items off of your registry. Macy’s also provides a checklist of items you may not be thinking about. Sometimes you just forget to register for that potato peeler.

Maybe Think Twice…

1. Target: From personal experience as well as comments from other users, you may want to rethink using Target. They do not allow you to return items over $20 without a gift receipt. It does not matter who gave it to you, how many times you beg them, or if you have three toasters. They will not take back anything without the receipt.

2. Tiffany & Co. : Although a reputable company and well sought after not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on the beautiful couple.

Do your research before registering. Look to see what each company will provide and what their incentives are. Many companies go out of their way for their customers. I don’t know about you, but I want some serious service especially when I will be making that company a lot of money. Good luck and happy shopping!

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