St. Pucchi Collection

This dress says it all. I don’t think words can even describe this dresses beauty. I’m not sure there is a single woman who wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle in this dress. It is almost so perfect that you don’t even want to wear it for fear of messing it up or wrinkling it. Now I know I am in love with many of the dresses I review, but come on. I couldn’t resist putting this one up. It’s sexy and elegant all at the same time.

I enjoy writing and reviewing the most beautiful gowns. I just don’t have the heart to review a gown and talk about how completely hideous it is. I would rather talk about what makes each gown beautiful. This dress speaks volumes! If you are looking for a gown that makes a statment, this one is your gown. The only down fall is it’s price. It ranks in at over $5000.00. For more information on this gown please click here.

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