Receptions: Country Clubs

Thinking about having your wedding at a country club? Well here are some benefits to having your reception at a club.

1. Great Pictures

2. Great Food

3. Your all in one vendor (food, drinks, set-up included)

4. Ceremony and reception can be held in one place

5. Personalized Service

6. Often the cake can be created by the caterer instead of having the made and delivered elsewhere

7. Servers will be passing food and drinks around to all guests

8. Staff on hand at all time

9. One packaged deal

10. Discounts if you are already a member

11. Don’t have any vendors in mind? They usually have a list of preferred vendors on hand

12. Easy directions, most people know where country clubs are and they are usually easy to locate

13. Fast service you can count on

14. Professionals who are trained in all aspects

15. Only one check to write for all services rendered

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