Planning A Beach Wedding Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the Beach Wedding Series.  So far, we have discussed key things to keep in mind when picking a destination as well as tips for purchasing and transporting your gown.  Today let’s get off the beaten path and look at some ways to make your wedding day unique for you and your guests.  

  1. Add some local culture.  If you are in an exotic location like Mexico or Cancun, hire local performer(s) to sing a love song in their native tongue during the ceremony or to teach you and your guests a traditional dance or craft.  You can dress in traditional costumes and exchange vows in your location’s mother tongue.  
  2. Fish as Witnesses.  If it’s just the two of you and no guests or you have a very small group, hire a boat and exchange vows surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.  With the vast expanse of blue around you, the moment becomes even more intimate as you and your intended are briefly removed from the hustle and bustle of life on land.  You will feel like it’s just the two of you, for those brief moments.   
  3. Scavenger Hunt.  While you are taking pictures, challenge your guests to a scavenger hunt for items found on the beach.  You can print up a list before hand or make it as simple as asking them to find a specially colored shell.  At the reception, reward the most unique find with a small gift.  
  4. Photo Hunt.  This is similar to point 3, but requires the guests to use digital cameras to photograph the items.  Use a card reader at the reception to display the photos and reward the most creative with a small gift.
  5. The Extended Party.  If your guests have travelled to celebrate with you, invite them to share your honeymoon for a couple of days.  As a group, take in the local attractions, go on a small cruise, book an island tour, or enter a sandcastle building contest.  After the couple of days are up, your guests return home while you and your husband spend the next few days together…just the two of you!  
  6. Vow Renewal.  Beach weddings are romantic and make even the longest married couples a little misty eyed.  Surprise your married guests with a chance to spontaneously renew their vows.  Pre-arrange with your official to have couples come the alter and renew their vows while you and the groom are having your pictures taken before the reception.  

A beach is a beautiful place for a wedding so take advantage of your surroundings to create a truly unique experience for you and your guests.

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