Is There a Happily Ever After?

You look forward to your wedding from the time you are a little girl. You want a great spouse, children, and a happy marriage. Sometimes you may wonder is a great marriage possible? Yes, a “happily ever after” is possible. How? You can start off by taking some classes marriage prep), getting to know your husband or your wife is important, even if you think you know them well. Many churches have marriage prep classes and counseling to ensure you are ready for the long hold. You may think these preparations are a waste of time, but studies show couples who have taken any type of marriage preparation have longer lasting marriages.

These classes teach you about being open and communicating, family origin, what to expect in the first years of marriage, commitment, sexuality, and more. If you are getting married in a church or even if you are being married by the justice of the peace, consider a form of marriage success training. Many churches offer pre cana or another form of marriage and family preparation. It’s something to consider and can only strengthen the bond between you and your spouse.

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