Homemade Wedding Favors

Why spend a fortune on wedding favors? These favors are easy, fast, and won’t let your guests down.

1. Water Bottle Favors: These are great favors, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Guests can enjoy their water while remembering your wedding.

2. Candy Favors: Buy some M&M’s and stick them in a cute bag with a label over them. The favor is inexpensive and won’t go to waste. I mean who doesn’t like M&M’s?

3. Cookie Favors: Go to your local grocery store and show them a picture of the cookie you would like. Tell them what to write or draw on your cookie and then bag and bow them yourself. This will save you a great deal of money. I bought my cookies from a local grocery store and they turned out exactly how I wanted. I paid $45 for 110 cookies. How can you go wrong?

4. Personalized Wedding CD Favor: One of my favorite wedding favors was a CD I received with the bride and grooms favorite songs. I loved it and still to this day continue to listen to it. Go to Target or another local store and purchase CD labels. You can print them yourself or buy them online. Have your top ten favorite songs burned on a CD.

5. Personalized Coffee or Hot Cocoa Packets: These are another great favor that are very inexpensive. You can purchase these packets for a small price. Attach the label to the packet and your guests can enjoy a nice hot brewed cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

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