Choosing the Right Gown

1. Where and when is your wedding? Outdoor, indoors, beach? This will determine what kind of dress to choose.

2. It would help if you knew your wedding gown terminology. Knowing the kinds of trains, veils, and silhouettes can save you a lot of time.

3. Visit several shops to see the assortment of gowns available.

4. Set a budget prior to searching.

5. It doesn’t hurt to begin searching early (no moreĀ  than one year in advance).

6. When purchasing, be prepared to put about 50% down.

7. If you find a dress on a rack (usually the ones on display) can cut your price significantly. You can have it taken in even if it’s a little big. Choosing a dress on the rack also means you can splurge a little because of the price reduction.

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