Bridal Shower Etiquette

If you are planning a bridal shower or are receiving one, here are a few things you should know!

1. A shower is usually thrown by the mother, mother-in-law, sister, or close relative.

2. Showers can be thrown any where from a couple months to a couple of weeks before the wedding.

3. Your guests should be friends and family that you plan on asking to your wedding. It is rude to ask someone to your shower, with no intention on asking them to your wedding.

4. The bride should register for gifts prior to the shower.

5. It is not uncommon for the host to include refistry information within the shower invitation.

6. Showers are usually informal. They are a time for being social, having a few laughs, and gift opening.

7. Games are normally played at showers. For more information on shower games, please visit Martha Stewart Weddings.

8. If you are going with a theme, try and use the same colors as the bride is using for the wedding.

9. Bridal showers tend to have a small favor. They can be small items such as cookie cutters, CD’s, tea, etc.

10. Don’t go overboard with games and activities, the bride needs time to open gifts and socialize.

11. Make sure all guests have a place to sit.

12. Use finger foods for showers; you don’t have to have meals or sides. Showers normally take place between meals.

13. Make sure someone is writing down the gifts when the bride is opening presents.

14. Have all guests sign in a guest book or give the bride a piece of advice on small pieces of card stock. The card stock can then be placed in a vase as decoration.

15. Guests can write their name and address on the face of an envelope. This will save the bride a lot of time when she goes to write her thank you cards.

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