Bridal Beauty: Makeup 101

Here are a few tips to make sure you look your very best on your big day. These ten tips will ensure you feel beautiful and vibrant as you walk down that isle.

Tip One: Choose a lip color that will brighten your face. You don’t want flashy or over applied, but you want something that will brighten your lips. Many lip glosses and lipsticks have a stain so that you don’t have to re-apply every thirty minutes.

Tip Two: Use waterproof mascara. Most brides do tend to cry on their big day, this way you won’t have black streaks running down your face.

Tip Three: Be sure and have a trial makeup run with your makeup artist. This way you both know what you want and little time will be wasted.

Tip Four: Stick with lighter shades of eyeshadow. Brides are supposed to be natural and flawless.

Tip Five: Don’t forget blush! This will give your face that natural glow.

Tip Six: Apply foundation sparingly. Apply down you neck, but stop there. If you apply it to your chest, you risk the chance of it getting on your wedding gown.

Tip Seven: Use an eyebrow pencil to touch up spots that may have been over plucked.

Tip Eight: Eyeliner is a great tool to help enhance those eyes and make them pop.

Tip Nine: Add just a little bit of perfume behind your ears. Your husband will appreciate this!

Tip Ten: Don’t over apply anything you use. Sometimes when getting ready for a big event we tend to over use. Limit the amount of makeup and perfume you apply. Too much and it may be over kill.

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