An Education on Diamonds

Wedding Rings

Need an education on all the wedding ring terms? When looking for that special ring you hear words like cut, clarity, carat, and color. They are known as the four C’s. Let me educate you on what those terms mean and which is pretty important. You are probably thinking that the carat matters the most. Wrong!!!! As a woman I would so much rather have a ring that has better cut and clarity than the size of the rock.

1. Cut: Refers to the shape of the diamond. This is how the facets are cut. It can cause the diamond to look dull and prevent it from sparkling.

2. Clarity: This is where you the word flaw and how many flaws the diamond may have. The less flaws the diamond has the more it will sparkle. Flaws are imperfections, spots, scratches, or cracks. The fewer flaws the more you will pay.

3. Carat: This refers to the size of the diamond. The larger the carat, the higher the price tag. However, like I said just because you have a large diamond doesn’t mean it’s the best. It could be large, but have many flaws.

4. Color: This is determined by using a scale (D-Z). The closer it is to D the more flawless your diamond becomes. The closer it is to D the less yellow it becomes.

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