A Flower Glossary

Overwhelmed with what flower to choose for your wedding. Here is some basic knowledge on some popular wedding flowers.

Daffodil: A spring flower, come in several colors and are available during summer and fall months.

Gardenia: A whote flower, great aroma, the flower is said to be good luck.

Hyacinth: Very fragrant, comes in an assortment of colors. The blue hyacinth is the most popular pick for brides.

Hydrangea: Also comes in an assortment of colors. Available during the spring and summer months. This flower is not as fragrant.

Lily: Come in a few colors, white being the most popular, lightly fragrant. Has a very long stem.

Orchid: Also known as bell flowers, are lightly fragrant. This flower has an assortment of colors.

Roses: Come in many assortments, shapes, and sizes. Lightly fragrant and symbolizes romance.

Tulips: Come in an assortment of colors, as well as many sizes. This flower is lightly fragrant.

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