4 Great Guest Book Ideas

Maybe you don’t want just any ordinary guest book. Here are a few ideas on how to remember who attended your wedding.

1. Have your guests give you marital advice or wishes. Place a stack of cards on a table with a pen. Have directions printed for your guests so they know what to do. Once they write on the card have them put it in a jar. Don’t open the jar until your one year anniversary. Then read what your guests wrote.

2. When sending out your wedding invitations, ask guests to bring a picture of you and your spouse that they may have. When they arrive at the reception they can place the picture into the photo album and write a memory they may have of the two of you.

3. If you are having a videographer at your wedding, have them go around to the guests at your tables and have guests bring up past memories or give you advice.

4. Purchase a frame with the matting around the center. Add your photo to the center and have guests sign around the picture so you remember who attended your wedding.

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